Will Laminate Flooring Be A Good Fit For Your Home?

Benefits Of Engineered Oak Flooring

Not many flooring options can provide the beauty and warmth that timber does. However, solid wood does have several drawbacks. Engineered oak flooring is an alternative that resolves some of solid timber's problems. Here are several advantages in more detail.

Beauty Without Fluctuations

Solid timber tends to expand and contract with fluctuations in moisture and temperature. Thus, while your planks might be installed and neatly fitted together, the wood can contract to leave gaps or expand, pressuring adjoining planks. Engineered oak flooring avoids such problems. The reason lies in its structure. These planks consist of bonded layers of ply, thin wood slices, which stabilise the planks so they don't tend to expand or contract. Because a beautiful slice of oak is on the top, your hardy engineered flooring will look stunning but be highly functional. 

Can Go Anywhere

Because of solid timber's sensitivity to moisture and temperature changes, it's typically not suitable for wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. However, smartly designed engineered timber planks can go anywhere in your home. This means you can experience their beautiful warm aesthetic in your bathroom for a luxury feel. Or else you can cover your kitchen floor in gorgeous engineered oak planks.

Variety Of Colours

Oak timber is not all the same hue; there are many varieties of oak trees, and their wood ranges from pale beige to darker brown and red. Additionally, the colour of a tree log can also vary so that the heartwood or centre of the trunk is a different hue to the wood near the outer bark. This means that when choosing your engineered timber flooring; you'll have plenty of beautiful warm and earthy fawns, walnuts and other colours to pick from. You might prefer a paler or a more vibrant look, and there should be an oak option as well.

Resand To Look Like New

Over time, flooring can show indentations or scratches, evidence of daily wear and tear. One great aspect of engineered oak is that you can resand the surface to reveal a pristine, untouched timber underneath. If you want to resand multiple times, make sure your engineered planks have a thick outer layer of lamella that can take sanding.

Easy To Clean

Engineered flooring provides a fresh feel in a room, and it's easy to clean with a mop and warm water. Any spills can easily be wiped up. Carpet, in contrast, traps stains and smells, and it becomes patchy in high-traffic areas. As you can easily vacuum pet hair and other debris from engineered flooring, any allergy suffers in your household will be thankful.