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Epoxy Coating: Two Innovative Uses Beyond the Garage Floor

Epoxy coating is usually regarded as a good garage floor sealant, but you've likely never considered how flexible this remarkable substance can be. Many Australians are now using epoxy coating for other parts of their home -- and with the innovative epoxy coating variants available today, you might not even recognise it as epoxy. Read on to learn about two epoxy coating ideas that might just be a great way to revitalise some key areas in your home. 

Worktop Sealant

Your kitchen worktop is likely the place where you do most meal preparations -- and that can also mean it sees a fair bit of messiness. The best way to protect any worktop is a super tough sealant, and for that you simply can't do any better than epoxy coating. It repels water and all other liquids beautifully, making for easy clean-up.

You need not sacrifice appearance, either: with some of the unique coloured and metallic epoxy additives available today, you can mimic the look of granite, marble, aluminium or virtually any other material you could want for a worktop.

New Indoor Flooring

You might assume that epoxy coating works well for industrial or home garage floors, but not for the home interior. Actually, many homes today have epoxy coating on flooring throughout their home. You can choose creative epoxy colours and additives; for example, a specific two- or three-colour combination can replicate the appearance of a hardwood floor remarkably well. If you're not sure that the typical high-shine epoxy look is quite right for your home, consider a low sheen or even matte finish. 

With some careful colour choices and the guidance of expert epoxy coating specialists, you can completely renew your dining room, bedroom, bathroom or other flooring in your home. You can achieve a customised, high-end look without having to pay that high-end price. Just as with epoxy coatings for the worktop, epoxy is quite durable on your flooring. It's easily cleaned with water and a gentle cleanser (no harsh abrasives). 

Perhaps the most important benefit of using epoxy coatings in your home is their longevity. On average, it lasts up to a decade in a garage -- and your garage floor goes through considerably more wear and tear than your kitchen worktop or dining room floor is likely to do. With the combination of beauty and durability, epoxy coating gives you unique options to think about when you're ready to make home renos. 

Speak to your local epoxy garage flooring specialist to learn more about these alternative uses for epoxy today.