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Three Preparation Hints To Achieve Perfect Carpet Installaion

When you want to update the look or feel of a room, one obvious alteration you can make is to replace the carpet. Carpet generally lasts about a decade, and after this time it is difficult to make it look clean or fresh, so replacement is the ideal solution. Depending on the size of the room, carpet installation can be completed the same day. However, to achieve this timeframe, there is preparation work which must be done first. As someone who is ready to book in a carpet installer, these three preparation tips will help ensure your room is ready and waiting for your new flooring choice.

Relocate Furniture

It is difficult to have new carpet installed when furniture is in the way, so the first order of business is to move all the furniture out of the room. Some furniture pieces are easy to relocate and store elsewhere, but others are bulky and heavy. For large pieces which you are struggling to remove on your own, consider hiring casual labour or furniture removalists for an hour or two to give you some help. They have equipment and expertise to make this job easier for you.

Out With The Old

If you are fairly good at do-it-yourself tasks and you want to save some money on labour, then your next task is to rip out the old carpet. Purchase a sharp Stanley knife from your local hardware store and use this to cut the existing carpet into one-metre-wide strips. By cutting the carpet to this size, it makes it manageable to rip out in pieces rather than trying to wrestle with one intact piece. Once the carpet is cut into strips, grab the corner of one strip and pull it towards you. If the carpet is firmly attached to the tack strip (the piece of wood which holds the carpet in place), then use a pair of pliers to pull the corner loose. Once the corner comes free, then you can pull each strip out easily. Roll up each strip as you remove it and then take it out of the room.

Time To Tidy

Once the furniture and carpet are out with the room, the last necessary task is to tidy up. Make sure to sweep or vacuum up any carpet remnants including loose nails. Once this is completed, then your room is all ready for the carpet installer to get on with the job of transforming the room's look with your choice of new carpet.

Reach out to a carpet installation company to learn more.