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5 Advantages of Sandstone Floor Tiles

If you are looking for new flooring for your home, sandstone floor tiles are an excellent choice. For thousands of years, people have been using this beautiful stone as a flooring material and enjoying all the benefits it can offer. Take a look at these advantages that sandstone floor tiles can provide.

1. Natural Beauty

For many people, the primary motivation for choosing sandstone floor tiles is the natural beauty of the stone. Sandstone contains natural gradations in colour with subtle patterns that can be extremely pleasing to the eye. Each sandstone tile is unique. The soft, sandy shades of this stone type can complement a range of decorating styles, allowing you to express your aesthetic flair in the design of your home.

2. Barefoot Comfort

Sandstone floor tiles feel wonderful on bare feet. Their subtle texture stimulates the feet without causing irritation. If you combine sandstone floor tiles with an underfloor heating system, you can enjoy the sensation of walking on a warm, smooth floor.

3. Durability

Stone flooring is extremely durable compared to most other flooring types. Unlike wood, sandstone does not warp in response to dramatic changes in temperature, making sandstone floor tiles a good choice if you live somewhere with a very variable climate. You do not need to worry about heavy traffic bending the fibres of carpet or wearing a noticeable groove. However, it is important to remember that sandstone is softer and more porous than other types of stone, so you need to be careful to avoid staining or scratching the tiles.

4. Replaceable

If you break a sandstone tile, perhaps by dropping a heavy object onto it, you can easily replace the tile without having to redo the whole floor. Sandstone tiles are readily available from most flooring suppliers, unlike some rarer types of stone which might be more difficult and expensive to source.

5. Eco-Friendly

Sandstone is a natural material that is free from indoor air pollutants such as BPA (bisphenol) which is found in some types of carpet. Sandstone is found abundantly in nature, so there are few worries about over-quarrying when you choose this type of stone. Compared to most other flooring types, such as cement, timber or marble, sandstone floor tiles have a lower carbon footprint. In addition, their durability means that a sandstone floor can last for many years, eliminating the waste involved in replacing your floors regularly.