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Tips to Boost the Strength and Beauty of Your Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are attractive, eco-friendly, durable and resilient, but they can deteriorate if you deny them proper maintenance. Bamboo floor maintenance shouldn't just be easy and effective, but also affordable. Although bamboo flooring is among the toughest hardwood floors you may have in your house, it may not look beautiful for many days if it's not properly maintained. Here are some maintenance practices to help you preserve the floor's strength, function and beauty:

Don't Allow All Shoes on It

If you often host a family event in your house, don't let dirty outdoor footwear on your bamboo flooring. If you let every family member, guest, colleague or friend get into your house with dirty shoes, the texture, colour and look of your bamboo floor would soon deteriorate. The mud, gravel, soil and other dirt particles on the bottom of the shoes should be removed before people get into your house. 

If you don't want the guests to remove their footwear when getting into your house, have a doormat at the entrance where they could clean off their shoes. Keep the paws of your dog or cat clean and trim their nails so they don't make the floor dirty or even scratch it.

Know the Tools and Cleaners to Use

Bamboo flooring should be cleaned at least once a week, and the cleaner's ingredients should be friendly. The oil soaps, detergents, bleaches and cleaners you use to clean it shouldn't contain ammonia. If you want to keep your prefinished timber flooring fresh and clean always, avoid acidic cleaners and abrasive brushes.

Don't expose timber flooring to direct sunlight or harsh bleaching agents so it doesn't fade quickly. UV protective films and window curtains and blinds would help limit excess outdoor light on the floor. Don't use steel wool on bamboo flooring because it may badly scratch it. Use microfiber products instead and don't pour the cleaner directly on the floor.

Avoid Wet Mops and Clean up Spills Immediately

Bamboo floors highly resist water damage, but this doesn't mean you should use anything to clean them. Avoid using wet or steam mops on the timber floor since they cause excess moisture or standing water that could easily damage it. Excess moisture causes the bamboo floor to warp. If you have to wipe the flooring with water, wring the microfiber or mop to make it slightly damp. If oil or liquid spills on the timber floor, tackle them quickly so they don't stain it or even allow moisture accumulate on it.

Keep the furniture glides or feet clean and use brooms with soft bristles always. When vacuuming, avoid a beater bar to avoid scratching the floor. Test the cleaning solutions before you use them and refinish your bamboo flooring with caution. With proper care and maintenance, bamboo flooring can stay in good condition for many years.